From Brazil to France…

Rounding off series of musical trip, Marie So has released her second album “Dans le coeur des gens”.
You can listen to three of Marie So’s songs on the Ladies’ Jazz Compilation album (Warner), where she figures amongst a number of big names including Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Stacey Kent, Liz Wright…
She is accompanied by a quintet composed of piano, bass, drums, percussion and guitar. On stage, she performs songs from her first album, all composed by her guitarist and song writer Christophe Trottet, as well as several songs from her second album, to be released this year.
Charismatic, sincere, sensitive, intimate, Marie So began her international career in 2006 when she released her first album “Chaque Jour ” (Nocturne) recorded in Brazil with Joao Bosco and musicians who play regularly with Sting and Gilberto Gil.
The Marie So recipe : a mixture of bossa nova and samba rythms blended with a decidedly jazz swing and a large dose of spontaneity, simplicity and generosity – all sung in French.
Henri Salvador may no longer be with us, but Marie So plays tribute to his musical heritage with her original French-bossa nova touch.
Marie So, the new French voice of Brazil.

Not to be missed !

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